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TAA’s Kickoff Summer Event!

It seems like just yesterday we were celebrating the new year and in a blink of an eye here we are kicking off the summer with Entrepreneurs ROCK (EROCK) . I am excited to bring this back for another year as it is an opportunity to engage business minds from all walks of life in […]

A Monster Skateboarder…

Skateboarder Jeff Daise is truly on the rise! A young dedicated business man whose innovative and positive grind allows him to explore new levels of success. His determination has open the doors for him with sponsorship’s from Monster Energy and Spy Optics. Daise is a skateboarder who knows how to make things happen….

Read a good book lately…

Dr. (Jai) Janice Armstrong epitomizes a woman of many hats.  As the of author of this book she speaks to the minds and hearts of leaders and pushes them to elevate their way of thinking. Truly a good investment and relatable source in understanding how to enhance yourself. More about the author and what inspired her to […]