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By: Ashlee K.

A Mission to Motivate

HeadshotMrs. Tasheka “Sheka” Green is a woman of maturity, motivation and on a mission to nourish the minds and hearts of the masses with her newly released book ” To Everything There Is A Season”.  Sheka’s background in mentoring, education and teaching are a few attributes that qualifies her to speak on life and encourage her readers to achieve greatness!  She is a mom, wife, principal, author, doctoral student and more…and like many of us she has a story to tell….

When did you fall in love with writing? People? Teaching?

 I fell in love with writing at an early age, I would write stories, plays, journals, you name it; I wrote it. My writings would be entered into contests in which many of them I won.  I have written plays, songs, poems, chants…I just love writing. It is not just writing, but it is the purpose and meaning behind the writing. The words that come out in my writings, no matter the form, are designed to encourage and bring change in a person’s life.  I am so inspired by people and happy when I see others who are encouraged or have made a change in their lives because of the words or teaching I have provided to them.

 What is your motivation?photo 1

 My family of course however my greater motivation is to know that I was created to be a well of water to someone else, and to sit and do nothing would abort God’s plan for my life. In knowing that, I need to make every second of my life count. I need to ensure that I fulfill the purpose and design for my life. So  daily I reflect to see what I can do today to ensure that I am making a difference for someone.

What will be your legacy?

 When you think of legacy, you think of the gift that I will pass on and leave for others. I will pass on the gift of hope, encouragement, and love. I would have provided people of all nationalities and walks of life the support they need to endure and work toward greatness. In return, I hope that the gift I leave with people will in return be passed on to someone else.

What is better than money?

 Having a relationship with God is better than money. In having a relationship with God, it allows me to reflect on his goodness and the things that are eternal and not temporal. It allows me to know that whatever I set out to do I can do it, because I can do all things through Christ that strengthens me (Philippians 4:13)

 What advice would you give an aspiring author, leader, etc?

 The advice I would give an aspiring author or leader is if you have a passion for writing, leading, and impacting change, then work every day to accomplish your purpose. Begin by dreaming again, enlarging your territories, writing down your vision, and doing something each day to accomplish just what you have written. Once you do this, than doors will begin to open, in which no man can shut.

For the past seven years, I have served as an elementary school principal. When people saw me, they greeted me as Principal Green or identified me as the principal. I started to become complacent and felt like I could only just be the “principal.” I continued to remind myself that there was more of me to offer to the world. In addition, I knew there was a greater and bigger purpose for me. Therefore, I changed my way of thinking, stirred up the gifts inside of me, told fear to get out of my way, and then I moved forward with God’s plan for my life. From the many life experiences I have encountered, I wrote a book entitled To Everything There is a Season: Its’ your season go and live. After writing a book, it led me tophoto 2 begin a business; To Everything There is a Season. And then, I identified a cause and founded the Deborah C. Bulgin Memorial Scholarship Foundation. I learned that nothing and no one can limit who you are, and do not to settle with good enough. We are better than good. We are leaders, writers, change agents, motivators, and someone is depending on us. Change your way of thinking, stir up the gifts inside of you, tell fear to get out of your way, and then move forward with God’s plan for your life. From this day forward, move in a direction called purpose, and it will lead you to nothing but greatness.

Where do you see yourself in the future?photo 3

  In the future, I see myself, happy, content, at peace, and satisfied with knowing that I have done all I can to make life and situations better for someone else. As well as knowing that I helped to motivate, support, and lead someone to greatness. 

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Until our paths cross again…keep dreaming!


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