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By: Ashlee K.

A Monster Skateboarder…

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Skateboarder Jeff Daise is truly on the rise! A young dedicated business man whose innovative and positive grind allows him to explore new levels of success. His determination has open the doors for him with sponsorship’s from Monster Energy and Spy Optics. Daise is a skateboarder who knows how to make things happen….

When did you fall in love with skateboarding?

I fell in love with skateboarding spring 2007, thanks to a friend from school that was already into that field of sport. I thought it was something cool and it all started from there…

What is your motivation?all my fav monster stuff

My motivation is progression, The fun and enjoyment  I experience when skateboarding really is  a plus when bringing joy to my fans.

What will be your legacy?

My legacy will be to one day be a successful business man from the clothing line, G Star Raw, and other innovative ideas. But always  known for making dreams come true with my skateboarding and giving back to the skateboard industry.

What is better than money?

Life itself to me is better than money to enjoy it, and  live it to the fullest…

What are your fears?

My fears are spiders, dying, losing loved ones and being broke, I hope I never end up on the street.

What advice would you give an aspiring skateboarder?

My advice to  anyone in this  industry is to always progress, never give up, always be yourself and don’t give in to the negativity.  

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What is the one question you hope you never get asked?

I hope never get asked, can I have some money? [laughs]

 Where do you see yourself in the future?my first shipments

I see myself living the life of luxury, “Hollywood style” Making money, being famous for my skateboarding, television, and being in movies. I plan to take the world by storm….

To keep up with Jeff Daise follow him on Instagram: @Jeff_Dyrdek

More of the interview with Jeff…Right Here!!

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Until our paths cross again…keep dreaming!

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