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By: Ashlee K.

Author! Professor! Life Coach! Mom! She does it all…


Dr. (Jai) Janice Armstrong dips into the minds of readers with her motivational leadership guide “From the Streets to the Executive Suite: Remixing Street Smarts and Life Lessons into Leadership Success”.  She received her Doctorate in Strategic Leadership from Regent University, with a background in counseling psychology and leadership development. Dr. Jai teaches collegiate level psychology courses while juggling being a wife and mother of two. Her drive and enthusiasm fuels her passion for people to change lives through leadership and lifestyle coaching. Yes she does it all, with still much more to come…

When did you fall in love with writing? Teaching?

I have been writing since kindergarten.  I’d write short stories and poems since I had a huge imagination.  I fell in love with teaching when I got my first evaluations back.  I wasn’t sure how I would be as a professor, but my students and their performance  tell me how I “REALLY” am as an instructor.  There consistent appreciation for my instruction, kept me motivated to continue to, as I call it, “corrupt minds”.  I still get emails and comments of appreciation today; hence why, 10 years later, I am still going. (smiles)

What is your motivation?

A desire to maintain happiness!  The moment I have a sense of feeling unfulfilled, I am motivated to travel another road that will lead me to happiness again; therefore, I am motivated to do what it takes to make that change.

What will be your legacy?

My legacy is that I influence others to never stop believing.  Some goals may seem far-fetched, but I’d rather say that I tried something than never know what things would have been like IF I’d tried.  Experiences, successes and failures all produce lessons!

In a perfect world, what is the ideal reality for Dr. Jai Armstrong?

(chuckle) To do all of the crazy and exciting things that I desire to do.  The funny thing is: I don’t know what all of those things are yet.  In a perfect world, I would know and would do them.

What are your fears?


That I won’t sell the books sitting in my house, so go to www.lihkleaders.com and order your autographed copy of “From the Street to the Executive Suite: Remixing Street Smarts and Life Lessons into Leadership Success”, like, today! …oh yea spiders and student loan payments too (sigh)

What advice would you give an aspiring author, leader, etc?

When you pursue your dreams, take your time and approach it delicately.  You can dream big, which can motivate your process, but don’t, initially, try to be ‘the best’ because if you are ‘the best’, what will you learn after that?  You may become the #1 best-selling author and that’s awesome, but it will only take one person to sell one more book than you and that spot is lost.  Continue to be better than who YOU are.

What is the one question you hope you never get asked?

Ok, this totally has nothing to do with my career, but I hope that I never have to hear, “How do you want to bury your child?”  I pray for parents who have heard those words and for their continued healing.  Otherwise, ask away, I am pretty much an open book!

Where do you see yourself and LiHK Consulting in the future?

Well, tomorrow, at least five more people will know about me and my website: www.lihkleaders.com; after this is published, your network will know and I thank you for that, Ashlee. I would love for “From the Streets to the Executive Suite…” to be a curriculum that organizations can use to train their employees.  In the near future I desire to have more coaching clients under me as my business flourishes…

“From the Streets to the Executive Suite” is only a click away…get your copy TODAY!!
Lulu.com (ebook)
Ibookstore (ebook)

Get connected with Dr. Jai                             More of the interview  RIGHT HERE…photo (11) (1)
Twitter: @jai0813
Facebook: Janice Armstrong

Until our paths cross again…keep dreaming!


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