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By: Ashlee K.

Juiced and Infused…

Pucker up ladies and gents and get ready to be refreshed by “The Juice Ladies”.  These ladies are young entrepreneurs on a mission to get you healthy.  Wellness! Fit and Flavorful juices are sure to leave your taste buds revitalized! Erica and Victoria don’t disappoint so get ready to “pucker up and drink”….

 When did you fall in love with juicing?

Erica- I fell in love with juicing about earlier of this year. I was super excited when I purchased my first juicer. I was trying to think of ways to change my eating habits without actually dieting, I hate that word.  Juicing has definitely helped me with my weight loss journey.

Victoria- It was instant, I fell in love I the day we launched our  business. Digestive issues got me into blending, the one thing that my body responded well to.

 What is your motivation? image_1

Erica- Our generation is full of so many unhealthy people and I want to motivate,  I want to be able to touch as many people as possible and have us all on this health journey together.

Victoria- My motivation is to be a successful entrepreneur.  To set an example for the younger generation. To inspire them and give back to the community.

 What will be your legacy?image_2

Erica- Hmmmm, I never really thought about it. I just hope I’m remembered for my loyalty, compassion and generosity.

Victoria- Good question. My legacy will be my children. Passing down my business.  And encouraging them to be successful.

What is better than money?

Erica- Family and Love….love is so beautiful when you share it with the right person.

Victoria- Family. They will be there to encourage, support and uplift you.

 In a perfect world, what is the ideal reality for you (Erica/Victoria)?

 To own a store front or juice truck and to be full-time entrepreneurs.

imageWhat are your fears?

Erica- Failing

Victoria- Not being successful

 What advice would you give an aspiring entrepreneur?

Erica- Build a team. Never to do it all by yourself, you will definitely need help. Be open minded, be prepared for sleepless nights. I hate the word “haters” but don’t be discouraged by people who want to see you fail or don’t think your business venture is a good idea. If you believe in it, then stick with it.

Victoria-Never give up. Never listen to the person who says you can’t or you won’t. Ignore the doubts and the word “but”.

What is the one question you both hope to never get asked?

What if this doesn’t work? We don’t even want to think about this not working.

Where do you ladies see yourselves in the futurJuices Ladies2e?

We see ourselves married with children (hopefully), motivational speakers, owners of a store front and juice truck, and millionaires.

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