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By: Ashlee K.

The Re-brand….!

Sitting here thinking…..I am just a few days away from re-introducing the world to The Ashlee Agency (TAA).   And Yes, it’s safe to say I am full of many emotions (as any normal person would be, right). I am excited, nervous, happy, anxious but overall, I am proud. This opportunity is proof that with consistency, diligence, faith and the right people around you, all things are possible. The Ashlee Agency is my passion, in business form. With doing this re-brand, I’ve learned that change is a GOOD THING. Not to say that I didn’t already know that, but it’s so refreshing when you can put what you’ve you learned into action and share it with the world. This is my time, why because I claim it and believe it. I hold true to the sentiments that life is what you make it… such simple words and yes a bit of  a cliché but when you truly think of what that means and reflect on all that CAN DO and choose NOT TO or the things you  plan to do and have yet to check it off the complete list, you ask yourself what life am I making. Which brings me to this moment…. THE REBRAND!  I choose to be nothing less than what I was created to be and that is GREAT. There is a light that shines in all of us and I choose to share mine with the world…what will you do with yours. This is a new beginning of beginnings… and a reminder that it’s never too late to be better….

Thank you to everyone that had a hand in this process. I hope that you continue to support The Ashlee Agency. Check out a few of those that helped make this day a success.

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